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Kindness and higher education on the Radio 210 podcast

Sarah smiling broadly wearing headphones with a large mic in front of her.

I’m working on a client project that is involving lots of conversations about the future of universities and Higher Education.

It’s really fascinating to think about how HE institutions need to prepare for a fast-moving future where the purpose of education will relate to roles and jobs that look completely different to what we have now. And it’s probably not so much about specific role preparation, but more about the skills and values which students will apply to varying scenarios throughout their lives.

Not surprisingly I’ve been thinking back to my own education. I was at university 30 years ago and my school days (obviously) were even longer ago than that! I was never the sort of kid who had any idea what she wanted to do when she ‘grew up’. But even if I had been, I’m sure that being a Kindness Cheerleader would not have featured on my radar. And yet here we are!

The skills and values I’ve developed over the years have definitely contributed to the choices I have made and continue to make.

With all this swirling round my head, it amuses me that I have just spoken about kindness on the Radio 210 podcast. Radio 210 was the local radio station of my youth and so completely taps into the nostalgia of my childhood!

Thanks to Connect Reading for introducing me to Barry who runs the podcast.

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