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Kindness Ambassador shares the joy she gets from it.

“A great tip to get you started on how to be kind, is to notice the kindnesses that happen to you. We always remember when somebody lets a door go in front of us and we have a moan about it, but we forget about when someone opens the door for us and keeps it open. They don’t have to do that, that’s a kind thing to do. And the first thing you can do is to say thank you because then that rewards the person who has been kind to you.

And by having all these little kindnesses, somebody offering you a seat for example, they add up during the day, and so you always have these little moments, of being fed these kindnesses to keep you going. And if you’re doing this to other people, just imagine that we can all stop being quite so grumpy!”

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With thanks to Debs and Nicolas Laborie.