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My niece sent me this story of kindness.

“I thought I would share a story of what someone did for me that I thought was really kind!

Every morning I go and say good morning to my mum in her room. And this morning she said to me that my outfit looked really nice.

I had bought the outfit yesterday. The top feels like summer fluff, if that makes sense.

It was just a small act of kindness but it really made my day!”

I love that my niece shared this story with me and it’s a great reminder of how our words can make a big difference to other people. It’s particularly nice to remember this when it comes to the teenagers in our lives; they don’t always seem to be listening to a word we say, but this shows how much they do take notice.

[Image id: my niece wearing her fluffy top with her camera in front of her face and the caption ‘Your outfit looks nice’]