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Kind reply to client enquiry has a big impact.

Text reading “kind reply to client enquiry has a big impact” above a drawing of a unicorn beside a rainbow, in the rainbow text reads “have courage and be kind.”

“I had an enquiry email from someone who was going through a rough time – part of my reply said to focus on finding their feet again first.

I got a reply to say ‘I don’t know if I’m just having an emotional day or something but your message just hit me, it’s so supportive and just nice. It’s hard to keep the professional façade up lately, so being given the breathing room to work this out, and get some actual advice and.. permission?.. to go at my own pace with this is hugely appreciated. I’m determined to be optimistic this year, to have courage and be kind are certainly words to live by.’

It reminded me of the power of just being kind and why I choose to do things the way I do – human first.”

It’s true that kindness in business makes a big difference and it’s great to see more business understanding and implementing it.

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