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Kind accountant saves the day

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post from Emma showing the kindness story shared in the caption.

When everything feels like it’s going wrong, a small act of kindness can make a huge difference as Emma Allsopp shares.

“In celebration of #Kindness and #PayingItForward in the face of what feels like unrelenting world-sadness:

My computer crashed mid-Zoom call yesterday evening. Wouldn’t restart either.

Thanks to superhero, Ravi – accountant by day, computer fixer by night – within 2 hours he’d visited, chatted about my books and about my work.

And very soon my laptop was switching on and running again.

Free – not even charged a callout fee. He flatly refused when I tried to persuade him.

So I could then get on with stuff, like my 21/22 tax self-assessment.

There are some kind-hearted people in the world, aren’t there, Sarah Browning and Akua Opong?”