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Join the community for change


One of the things that is a goal for me in 2023 is that I want to bang the drum louder about kindness, specifically about the kindness that I believe is in the world. That I know exists already in the world, some days it’s easier to see it than others but it’s definitely there.

And what I’d like to do is invite you to join me in this mission – to be part of a community for change. And if you’d like to take part and be part of this community with me there are 3 things I’d like you to do:

1) See the kindness in the world. Every day have a look around you and see an example of kindness.

2) Tell other people about that kindness. That could be telling them if you’re having a chat, sending a WhatsApp message, putting something out on social media. Even if you only share that story with one other person, you’re part of banging the drum louder.

3) I’m looking for opportunities to speak on podcasts, at conferences, presentations, keynote speaker so that I can get this message out there to more and more people. So if you know of a podcast or conference or anything like that that you think I could speak at, please put my name forward as a speaker or get in touch with me and I’ll contact the organisers myself.

Together we really can be a community of change and bring positivity and hope to all people. Thank you.