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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Friend gives a grounding gift during a stressful period.

Friend gives a grounding gift during a stressful period.

A sound drum with sections marked out and numbered, a small mallet resting on it.

“These last few weeks have seen a rollercoaster of tasks, events, jobs, roles and actions. Some good, some not so good, but with the roller coaster came challenges. And just when I needed it most, a friend visited giving me the most amazing early birthday present, because she thought I needed it. A sound drum. So amazing! And she was right.

Over the last few months I have been discovering how to find the right balance (if there even is one when you are parenting teens and working) and have been trying out Sound Baths. It’s a type of well-being where sound can help you re-find a sense of calm, become more grounded and generally rested, using the ancient art of producing sound through bowls as musical instruments. And my dear friend bought me a type of drum which makes a very similar sound as a present and just arrived with it.

For those of you that think that’s a bit off the wall, well maybe, but we had a steel band at our wedding and I have been known to play a drum or two in my time, as well as valuing creativity, and promoting open mindedness and curiosity.

Over the last week, it has boldly sat in the kitchen and it has been so useful and I’m even starting to find some musicality in it myself. It’s fun and soothing and even matches my kitchen!

Such a thoughtful and useful present at such the right time. So in amongst the stress and difficulty, kindness shone through for me. Such a lovely thing to receive and notice.”

What a wonderful story from Rhian – what kindness have your friends done?