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Flamborough Lighthouse

Close up of inside the top of Flamborough Lighthouse showing the light and many reflectors.

Wonderful Ann’s act of kindness on her holiday warmed my heart this week when she shared it in the Kindness Community group.

“I have been in Filey and visited a lighthouse on a very wet, windy Thursday this week.

I was the only one for the tour, then a mum and two small children came running in wet and excited. They asked the price and mum got her card out… ’no cards, I’m sorry, cash only’ said the lighthouse guide.

All faces dropped they turned and walked out with mum saying they’d drive to nearest town. I ran back to the car and my partner gave me the cash for them.

We all enjoyed the tour, no drama.”

What a kind thing to do – and if you’re ever at Flamborough Lighthouse remember to take cash!