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Everybody needs good neighbours

A footpath beside a road with grass growing along the top of the wall beside it and a large fence above that.

How have you helped out a neighbour?

Alexis shared this story of how she showed kindness to her neighbour recently; “As I walked back home from an appointment I saw someone leaning against a wall, bent over, holding a large dog and looking very unwell. I asked, from a distance, if they were OK and they breathlessly said yes.

I got a little closer, I wasn’t wearing a mask and neither were they so I didn’t want to risk spreading something and making things even worse, and asked if they were sure. They explained they’d been very poorly and had very low blood pressure from the illness and had overdone it thinking they could walk their dog.

I mentioned that I lived on the estate and asked if I could walk with them home just in case anything happened. We chatted a bit on the short walk before they saw a neighbour who took over chaperoning duty to get them safely home.”

Taking care of our local community with small acts of kindness like this is so powerful – have you checked in with your neighbours recently?