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Day 9 – team meetings

8 people standing in a circle in an office, their hands clasped together in the air. Text reads "amplify kindness"

Amplify kindness: Start your team meeting with a conversation about the kindness that you’ve
seen this month

I started Time for Kindness because I believe we don’t talk about kindness enough. I think that’s especially true in the workplace.

I suspect that’s because it has traditionally been seen as fluffy or weak. But do you know what? That’s rubbish! Kindness is powerful, because it unites us and reminds us of our common humanity. Together we are powerful.

So a team meeting seems the ideal place to talk about and recognise kindness! If it feels like a step too far to start the conversation with the language of kindness, you could begin by asking everyone to highlight something positive they’ve seen happen recently. It doesn’t have to be in the workplace, especially if people are nervous at first – it’s just an opportunity to get them talking and thinking differently.

Get in touch to let me know how the kindness conversation goes. Or if your team already do this, let us know in the comments so we can all take inspiration from you!