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Day 27 – understand their interests

Akua and 2 of her fellow volunteers at the Netball World Cup

Earlier in the year, I met a wonderful person called Akua, who wrote a blog for me about the kindness of volunteering.

During our conversation about the piece that she wanted to write, she told me about the events that she has been involved in as a volunteer. These included Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, the Athletics World Championships 2017 and the Netball World Cup 2019.

My family is sport-mad, particularly when it comes to football. So I was keen to hear more about what it was like to be involved with these events. I also mentioned in passing that my teenage daughter is a keen football player.

The month after we spoke Akua was a volunteer at the Euro 2020 tournament (the men’s football tournament that had been delayed from the previous year due to the pandemic). Unknown to me she decided to post some of the merchandise she picked up in the fan zone to me.

We were delighted when a parcel arrived in the post with a branded water bottle and a branded tournament football shirt!

It was such a kind thing to do, knowing how much these items would mean to my football-mad daughter. Akua knew that the items would make my daughter happy.