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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Coca-Cola expert buys coke for tourists.

Coca-Cola expert buys coke for tourists.

Two almost identical glass bottles of Coca Cola on a wooden table. The glass on the left is clear whereas on the right there is a slight green tinge, the bottle on the right also has an extra information sticker on it. The Coca-Cola label on the left bottle has two extra bits of information under the logo which are not on the bottle on the right.

“We popped into a wee shop next to our hotel to get juice and, while we were in there, we got talking to a guy who was telling us the difference between Mexican coke and American coke (it’s all in the sugar apparently).

We just assumed the guy worked there and thought no more about it.

As we got to the till the guy was leaving. He pointed to the counter and said “these are for you guys” and, when we looked, it was the coke he’d been talking about, he’d bought us a couple of bottles!! How nice was that?!!

We were so touched, it made our day.”

What a lovely random act of kindness from that Coca-Cola enthusiast! Thank you Carolyn for allowing us to share it. You can send us your story just like she did here.

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