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Closing down with kindness

A mural of a steam train and people in Victorian style dress walking on the platform.

Do you think kindness is only for when things are going well?

This story of kindness from Debs shows that even when things are tough, people can still be kind.

‘On Sunday, I went into a shop based in a railway station which is closing down soon (I won’t mention which one for soon-to-be obvious reasons!)

The woman in front of me put her items on the counter and then pulled out loads of English coins from her purse. She said, “I am flying back to Switzerland this afternoon and don’t need all this change. Can you please take out what you need to pay for these items?”

The assistant started counting up all the change and it was obvious that it was a bit short. As she was rechecking the money, I said “I have some spare change if you would like me to make up the difference.”

Both women thanked me, and the assistant said, “don’t worry, we are closing down so I can find a way to put an extra discount through the till to help you out.” She did this and the woman thanked us and went away happy and with no unneeded change!

I put my items on the counter, the assistant scanned them, then fiddled with the screen. Then she said, “because you offered to make up the difference, I’ve given you extra discount as well”!’