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I’ve been recovering from covid and received so much kind advice when I asked for tips on dealing with brain fog.

Not only many lovely tweets but several people emailed me with things they find helpful for dealing with the brain fog they get that isn’t covid related but due to other conditions they have that result in the same thing.

Suggestions included:

It took me about a month before I felt right again and during that time, I tried not to bounce between too many tasks or spend too long on any one thing. Working in 90-minute blocks, max, seemed to suit me.

“It’s so unsettling isn’t it. I’ve given myself permission (and a small budget) to replace everything I seem to be breaking, staining or ripping. I always work in bursts on one things then another and go back so doing it in shorter bursts and reviewing the next day helps.

“Took me few months to get back to feeling anything close to normal when I had it last year. A phased approach to work helped for 3 months at least so I wasn’t spending long time on tasks. Ease those time blocks over weeks/months. It’ll get easier 🤗 “

“It also took me a while to get back to normal after COVID. I found acupuncture hugely helpful, lifted the brain fog after 1 treatment.”

“Try sniffing some Rosemary or Basil essential oil.”

“Yes, a bizarre feeling indeed, it was me a few weeks ago. Took over 2 weeks to get back, bad enough with the Menopause brain fog moments I have. The only tip I can offer is be kind to yourself, those of us who know, we know!”

“Vitamin D helped but not sure if due to covid or the fact I had a vitamin d deficiency diagnosed just before. If short blocks are helping then go with that & maybe use the Pomodoro technique even if you wouldn’t usually. Loads on YouTube if you want music to accompany the times.”