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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Accident on black ice creates cycle of kindness.

Accident on black ice creates cycle of kindness.

Black ice on a road. Text overlaid reads “accident on black ice creates cycle of kindness.”

“Hitting some black ice, my son in law Brett skidded off a dark road in Scotland early on 17th Jan, leaving his car precariously dangling over a 20 feet drop.

Having called the emergency services and awaiting their arrival, Brett stood guard on the road, warning other drivers of the accident and of the danger ahead.

In what were freezing (sub-zero) a kindly driver stopped and offered Brett a sleeping bag to wrap around himself while standing guard and awaiting help.

Brett still has the sleeping bag and is eternally grateful to the kindly passer by.”

What a wonderful series of kind acts after such a scary situation. Big thank you to Clive for letting us share this after he sent it to Time for Kindness intending it to go to Sara Cox.