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A partner’s period cramp present

a hand holding a fluffy heating pad against a tummy, a pale blue jumper lifted up and dark turquoise dungarees pulled down a bit to show the heating pad.

How does your partner show you kindness?

”I was staying at my partner’s when my period started. I get intense cramps and ibuprofen wasn’t touching them.
I asked if they had a hot water bottle and they said no so I curled up on the sofa and focused on breathing.

A few minutes later they nipped out to the supermarket to get bananas and bread, a few essentials, and they came back with a fluffy, lavender scented microwavable heating pad before agreeing to watch my favourite film (Legally Blonde) with me and snuggle on the sofa.

I struggle with sensory stuff, especially when I’m in physical pain and of course hormonal emotions, so it made a huge difference to me on so many levels.”

It’s so easy to overlook kindness by people we expect it from; partners, parents, friends. So I’d love you to tell me something kind that someone you love has done for you this week.