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A milkman goes above and beyond

the back of a milk float filled with milk and eggs.

Milkman, Darin, came to the aid of one of his customers on his own birthday!

He shared in a Facebook post; “So with today being my birthday and having to work it for the first time in many years i started the day thinking I would crack today’s round out, then get home and put my feet up and have a little rest. How things can change.

Having just made a delivery to one of our lovely elderly customers at 4.30am we moved up the road to make the next delivery.

Turning round to go past our elderly customer again, in the darkness we could see she was stood in her porch waving at me.

I was thinking bit early to be up asking for an extra pint, so I jumped out of the van and made my way to our customer. As I got closer I could see something was not quite right, see she was in an awful amount of pain.

I managed to get hold of her and guide her back indoors to her front room and have her sit her down, established the pain was coming from her back and it was quite severe. I decided to call 999 as she had no family or nobody else I could call. Talking to a lovely lady at the Ambulance service I discovered our customer was 91 years of age which made her a priority.

I stayed with her, got her water until the time was safe for me to leave and leave things to the emergency services.

On a day when I wanted to finish early, this now put me behind by some time but you have to weigh up what’s more important in life. I hopefully will have many more birthdays in the years ahead. When one of our customers was in need of help that takes number 1 priority. Fingers crossed she will make a full recovery very quickly. All part of the service from your local milkman.”

Three cheers for a wonderful milkman from Planks Dairies going above and beyond!