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A Boots employee saves the day

Shereen, a tall Black woman with short red hair, standing beside Danielle, a shorter Black woman with long black hair in a bun, in a Boots store. They are both smiling.

Let’s celebrate Danielle, the Boots employee who saved the day!

“Even with the best planning in the world, there’s always something that goes wrong 😫.

We took over a house to do an intense day of filming.

Camera crew, photographer everything was booked and sorted.

Everyone arrived minus the makeup artist and all l had in my bag was some lip gloss and hair pins…

After ringing round all the Boots within a 3 mile radius of Old Street (it’s not a given that all Boots stock Black women skin shade of foundation), l ended up in Liverpool Street Boots UK.

I wasn’t even coherent when I explained that l needed to buy emergency makeup and this young lady (Danielle) asked me what happened.

When I told her, she made me sit down and basically spent half an hour doing my makeup to ensure it was TV grade ready.

It might not seem like a big thing but to manage lighting and shadows and to make me feel better(!), l can’t be on camera with no makeup.

No chance.

Danielle made sure I was taken care of and the only way l could even begin to express my gratitude was to

a) Invite her and a friend to my book launch

b) Let you know she is also a London based part time freelance makeup artist and so if you ever need any help for a shoot, TV gig etc, please check her out on Instagram @makeupbydanipinklips.

She literally saved the day and she is a beautiful soul as well.”

Shereen shared this amazing story on LinkedIn and kindly allowed me to reshare it to amplify kindness. Thank you to Shereen and to Danielle for this wonderful story of everyday kindness.