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9 ways to be kind in business

9 ways to be kind in business

1) Share your equipment with local community initiatives & charities.
Printers, office supplies, kitchen equipment and many other things your business has can be made use of on the weekends, evenings and holidays by good causes local to you.

2) Recommend others when you can’t take on, or aren’t the best person for the job.
Have a list of other great people in your line of work that you can send over when you say no to a project.

3) Champion kindness in your comments on social media.
Respond with compassion in your comments section and don’t allow unkindness from others.

4) Ask employees what they need & work to find ways to implement those things.
Flexible working, more plants in the office, help with childcare, job sharing, casual Fridays, your employees know what will help them.

5) Use your platform to lift up other businesses, charities & movements.
Share content from others on your own social media to spread some love.

6) Switch from rewarding the “most sales” to the “kindest employee.”
Come up with some awards that celebrate kindness in your team and focus on those over sales, most hours worked or productivity.

7) Mentor new people in your field.
Help newbies avoid common pitfalls and give them a leg up with your support and experience.

8) Show your appreciation for your employees and customers every day.
Whether it’s through shout-outs on social media, random prizes, “thank you” emails or any number of other ways, make sure your people know you appreciate them.

9) Donate a % of your profits to a charity chosen by your employees each quarter.