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A red book with "kinder conversations" on it above two speech bubbles. One reads "talk it out," the other "without falling out." Below them is the name Tim Keogh and the text "join the movement for a kind life."

Kind book recommendation: Kinder Conversations by Tim Keogh

I was so excited to see this book recommendation from Clare Knighton over on LinkedIn. Her post declared “I finally found my Bible! If this book isn’t on your shelf, or in your hand, then make space and order yourself a copy!” High praise and I certainly can’t wait to give Kinder Conversations by Tim […]

Holly stood with a walled garden a stone path and a fence in the background she's wearing a denim jacket

What if… accessibility and inclusion are at the heart of your communications

I’m delighted that my guest this month is Holly Tuke, a disability blogger, freelance writer and charity comms professional. She shares with us how the kindness of accessible communications makes her feel, as a person living with a visual impairment. She also provides some top tips for resources to help you make your comms as

A small white fluffy dog snuggled into a blanket with a small brown and white fluffy dog snuggled behind her. Behind them both is a person in a fluffy pink onesie with a laptop on her lap.

Vets makes adjustments so dogs of Autistic owner can be seen.

“I really struggle with phone calls, partly due to being Autistic, and needed a vets appointment for my dogs. I found one that seemed to have online booking, Live Well vets, but it turned out it didn’t, but they kindly booked me in through Instagram DM & my housemate took the confirmation call. Those two

a femme presenting person with shoulder length hair which fades from purple to pink, sits in an electric wheelchair with a pale pink laptop open on her lap. She is smiling broadly while looking at and typing on the laptop.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023

Making your communication accessible is an important kindness that we can all action in different ways. This Global Accessibility Awareness Day I want to recommend the Accessible Communication information from Charity Comms which covers: Find out more and start making your communication more accessible.

Text reads Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear & the blind can see. Mark Twain."

Deaf Awareness Week 2023

It isn’t often understood that British Sign Language is a language in its own right, not just some sort of transcription – so if you speak BSL and there isn’t an interpreter, it’s like an English-speaker being shown something in Spanish. You might also not realise that you don’t need to learn BSL to communicate

Screenshots of two emails. One reads "Dear Bruce, I have spoken to Paola and she would love to have a chat about the support you need and whether she can help you. As I mentioned, she has been working with a former client of mine who was also in a position where they needed to improve their communications and required delivery support to do that. I’ve copied her in to this email so that you can contact each other directly and arrange a mutually convenient time for a chat. Best wishes, Sarah." The second reads "Dear Sarah, Many thanks – I’ll gladly follow-up with Paola. Timing is good. I have an act of kindness for you to record. It’s your cheerfulness in helping us find a communications specialist! Best regards, Bruce."

Kindness in the comms community

Bruce contacted me to see if I could help his charity with their comms, the support I provide is not what he needs, so I suggested a contact of mine and put him in touch with her. He made this comment about my kindness in helping him. “Dear Bruce,I have spoken to Paola and she

Text reads, "Inclusive language during the month of Ramadan. Instead of "You poor thing, it must be so difficult for you", try this: "I have so much admiration for your commitment to your faith". Instead of "Oh, how come you're not fasting like the others?" try this, Be mindful and respectful. There are a number of reasons why someone may not be fasting, which they may not want to share. Instead of 'It's going to be difficult to accommodate time off for you", try this, "I know how important it is for you to have this time off, I will try my best to accommodate." Instead of "If you're not eating, do you want to just work through your lunch break to get this finished," try this, "I appreciate you are not eating but please ensure you take regular breaks throughout the day."

Inclusive language during Ramadan

A big thank you to Ash of Changing Minds for sharing this information about inclusive language during the month of Ramadan. Choosing to use inclusive language and consider what we’re saying is an act of kindness and Ash has lots more information on how to do that on her account so do go and follow

The Include dot org logo.

Include Choir

When I saw the Include Choir at KindFest I knew I wanted to share them on Time for Kindness. The Include Choir support people with communication disabilities and is led by Speech therapists. They have so many wonderful songs using Makaton signs and even online inclusive meetings so everyone can join in. Find out more

Screenshot of a Tweet from Keith Riley reading “All comms people. If you’re on your own / one man band - don’t struggle, announcing news like this is really hard. If you need a hand with words or timelines or explaining how national morning affects people there’s plenty of us to help. Comment.”

Kindness in comms

The comms community were amazing after the news of the Queen’s sad death broke. They reached out to help, support and guide each other during difficult times and Keith Riley was one of those wonderful people going above and beyond to help the community. Being a communications professional is hard and can be draining at

A wall with graffiti of a face and the words what now

You’ve got a comms strategy – now what?

I recently spoke at both the NHS Charities Together conference and the LUPC-SUPC procurement conference about how to build a comms strategy. I also spend a lot of time supporting clients to write their comms strategies. For me, that strategic approach to communicating with your audiences and sharing your messages is vital. Most communications people