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Time to pause

Sarah wearing a hooded onesie, standing in front of a Christmas tree with lights and pulling a scrunched up face.

Team Time for Kindness is poorly! Covid, heavy cold, dental surgery, blood pressure, post-covid brain fog – you name it, we seem to have got it in the last few weeks.

So in the interests of being kind to ourselves, I’ve taken the decision to pause our plans for celebrating the Kindness Superheroes people have told us about during the rest of December. These wonderful humans deserve more than us rushing something out from behind our tissues and sick beds.

And the wonderful humans in the team deserve time to properly rest and recuperate too.

I’ll continue telling you about the kindness stories that come in (although less frequently than usual) and we’ll be back to celebrating your Kindness Superheroes properly in January.

In the meantime, take of yourselves and keep well.

And get well soon, Team TfK!