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Support from friends

a mobile phone with the messages written in this post

Kindness often comes from friends. I consider myself really lucky to have mine and this story shows why.

Last week I finally took my maternity clothes to a local charity, @thecowshedcharity because I don’t need them anymore. I have a beautiful daughter. I had hoped that I would need the maternity clothes when I was pregnant again with a sibling for her, but it wasn’t to be.

My daughter is now 13 years old. So giving the clothes away was a big deal.

I sent a WhatsApp message to my mum friends to tell them what I had done. And their replies were so lovely that they made me cry a little bit (funnily enough, giving the clothes away didn’t make me cry in the end, I had waited long enough to do it).

“Well done, Sarah! A milestone for you xxx”

“Hooray for you! :-)”

“Well done lovely xxx”

“Good job, Sarah – I know how tough that would have been”