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Sharing my knowledge with DanceSyndrome for International Women’s Day.

A video call with 9 women all making the Break The Bias International Women's Day sign with their arms crossed in front of their chest.

I feel so lucky to be able to work pro bono sometimes. Recently I volunteered with DanceSyndrome on IWD22.

I was part of a team of fabulous volunteers from the comms profession who spent the day generating ideas to help the charity reach new audiences. As I’m fond of a boogie myself, this was a great organisation to work with!

DanceSyndrome is a fabulous multi-award-winning inclusive dance charity based in Lancashire with a vision to empower people with learning disabilities through inclusive dance.
As well as open dance classes, they have a fabulous group of performance artists who attend regular special events and put on exclusive performances, including at the Edinburgh Festival!

As volunteers we all had different comms expertise, from strategy and planning to content delivery to the use of social media.We helped the DanceSyndrome team of 2 to come up with a 6-month plan for creating excitement, interest and engagement around their work. We hope this will lead to more participants and raise more funding.

To be able to share my professional knowledge in this way was a joy! I look forward to following DanceSyndrome’s progress. Many of their classes are still online, so we can all join in to throw some shapes, wherever we are based!