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Let it go

Scrabble tiles arranged to spell the words "let it go."

“I had to learn to ‘let it go’ last week. Sounds easy? Not for me. I like to see things through, get my point across etc and that often leaves me slightly fuming! Wishing I had said this or that, plotting my next move, not letting it go until I thought it was completed to my satisfaction. But last week I had a situation with an organisation (who shall remain nameless) who did something that was quite harmful to me, but would also be even more harmful to others. I arranged a meeting to discuss things with them and made my points, indicating where I thought their system was wrong and how it was giving them misleading information to make decisions on. Those decisions could have far reaching consequences for some.

It wasn’t easy to do – it felt like David and Goliath but I was glad I spoke up. The self-kindness then was deliberately deciding to ‘let it go’ at that point. Yes I could have continued to argue, could have made them squirm with social media posts and started a big fracas. But I consciously decided that I wasn’t going to do that. That would ultimately have been more damaging for me. I had said what needed to be said, and then gave myself a pat on the back and permission to move on.”

Thank you to an anonymous self-kindness hero who shared this story – do you find it easy to let things go?

[Video ID: Elsa from Frozen sings “Let it go” beneath text reading “self kindness.”]