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Leadership for Personalised Care.

Sarah sat at the head of a large table which has 6 other people sat at it, each with papers, pends and some snacks in front of them. Behind Sarah is a large screen with a Power of Kindness slide on it, her tall Time for Kindness sign sits to the side.

I’ll be running the Power of Kindness wellbeing workshop on 1st May for Leadership for Personalised Care.

Did you know that when people notice kindness in their working and wider life:

  • They feel more positive and more hopeful more often.
  • They feel more connected to colleagues.
  • They are better able to face challenges, make decisions and find solutions.

My workshops teach people the habits to make that happen and create action plans to put the habits into practice.

Hopefully you can come along to the Leadership for Personalised Care conference (details here) but if you can’t then get in touch if you’d like me to come and share this powerful workshop with your workplace or community.