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Kindness of pharmacists

a pharmacist with long black hair wearing a white coat reaches for some medication from a shelf in the back of a pharmacy.

I went to collect a prescription for my husband and the queue was really long, but he needs the tablets so there was no option for me to come back another day.

There was a lot of huffing & puffing in the queue, but people were generally resigned to waiting. I heard the poor woman who was serving explain several times that they were short staffed but she had been told by the bosses they wouldn’t be recruiting anyone else.

After 45 minutes I got to the counter & gave my husband’s name & our address. When she went to the box with the paper prescriptions in, I saw her look up at her computer several times. Then she said “Am I looking for Sarah Browning too?” It turned out that the repeat prescription for my thyroxine had turned up early.

She explained I would be better to take my tablets away today as well, instead of waiting until my supply runs out, because the queues are long every day now.

I was really touched at how kind and thoughtful she was, even while dealing every day with the stress of her job!