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Kindness of friends

A group of 5 women friends wearing colourful outfits smiling at the camera with the stage of an outdoor festival visible behind them

I had a fantastic day in the sun with these lovely friends Let’s Rock the Moor 80s festival in Cookham yesterday.

I met these wonderful women at our first NCT antenatal class nearly 16 years ago. We have seen each other through a lot over the years. There has been a lot of kindness (and a lot of coffee, cake, tears and pink wine!)

Here’s just a few examples:

  • When I got word while at the park that my mum had been taken into hospital, they took care of my baby daughter & took me straight to the hospital
  • When I had to leave my daughter in tears at the childminder’s, they sent me reassuring messages that I was a good mum and K would be fine (they were right)
  • When I was made redundant unexpectedly, they rallied round with confidence-boosting & pink wine, then supported my idea to set up my own business
  • When I have to leave events early because of post-covid lack of energy (still!), they don’t make me feel like I’m being rubbish

What kindness have your friends shown you?