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Deaf Awareness Week 2023

Text reads Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear & the blind can see. Mark Twain."

It isn’t often understood that British Sign Language is a language in its own right, not just some sort of transcription – so if you speak BSL and there isn’t an interpreter, it’s like an English-speaker being shown something in Spanish.

You might also not realise that you don’t need to learn BSL to communicate with Deaf people, there are many other ways to include them – and inclusion is kindness!

1) Write notes on your phone or a piece of paper.

2) Be expressive with your face and body.

3) Slow down and exaggerate your mouth movements when you speak.

4) Make sure your face is well lit so your expressions are easier to see.

But if you fancy learning BSL yourself has beginner courses from just £3 and works on a pay it forward system – a wonderfully kind way to make learning BSL more financially accessible.