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Day 3 – 7 Days Of Kindness

A photo of a little library cabinet with books inside it and a sign that reads take a book, leave a book

Day 3 – Free book exchange

On my morning walk recently I chose a slightly different route for a change. Just to mix things up a bit! Although it is very near to my house, I happened along a bit of road that I haven’t been down in a while. And I came across this wonderful cabinet on the wall outside a house.

It is full of books and comes with the instruction to ‘take a book, leave a book’. What a brilliant idea! There are all sorts of books in there, adults’ and children’s. I didn’t take anything this time, but I plan to go back again and take a book to leave for someone else to enjoy.

And the people who have it outside their house have been kind enough to provide some hand sanitiser, a must in our current circumstances…

I hadn’t come across @littlefreelibrary before, but if you get time, you should take a look at their Instagram page. It’s a thing of beauty and joy for anyone who loves books!