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Day 19 – booster time

Sarah wearing a mask and a sticker to show she's had her booster jab

This morning I went for my Covid booster jab.

Since I had my first and second vaccines, the vaccination centre in my town has moved to a different location. But it’s still just as organised and efficient. It really is mind-blowing how such a mass programme of logistics is being undertaken, in such a quick timeframe and under such pressure.

As with my previous experiences, everyone at the centre was so kind and friendly. They must be having the same conversations many times over and yet they still manage to sound like it’s the first time. I’m sure they realise that many of the people in the queue are feeling nervous and their reassurance will put people at their ease.

For many (most?) of them, they are volunteers. That makes it even more kind that they’re giving up their time to help others.

Once again, thank you NHS!