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Day 13 – helping others

a smiling teenager in front of Christmas lights

Celebrate kindness by telling stories like this

On the way to a theatre trip Ella’s mum had bought a man called Paddy some food when they saw him begging at the tube station. They said they could tell from his thank you, just how much he needed it.

On the way home, Paddy was still sitting there in his sleeping bag. Ella could see that he was rubbing his hands, clearly feeling the cold.

After stopping to exchange a kind word or two with him, Ella’s Mum said, “I must buy Paddy some gloves tomorrow.”

Straight away, Ella said, “He can have mine. He needs them more than me.”

So she gave them to him there and then.

This is the kind of teenager we need to hear more about. Kind and thoughtful and willing to take action for the things they believe in.