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Day 1 – 7 Days of Kindness

A square with the words Day 1 - litter picking #7DaysOfKindness and the Time for Kindness logo

Next Saturday, 13th November, is World Kindness Day. To celebrate, I’m going to share one story of kindness each day this week.

Day 1 – litter picking

As I walked to my local corner shop yesterday morning, I noticed a group of people in the car park wearing hi-vis jackets.

What are they up to on a chilly autumn morning?” I wondered to myself.

Then I noticed that as well as the bright jackets, each person was holding a green bin bag and holding a litter picking tool. This wonderful group were obviously going to be picking up litter from our neighbourhood. The car park was their meeting point. As I watched them, car doors were slammed, greetings were completed and they all headed off in different directions in twos and threes. They were chatting, laughing and using their grabbers to pick up litter and put it in their bags.

It was so kind of these people to give up their Saturday mornings to tidy up our local area for us. Although it’s a suburb where I live, we’re lucky enough to have green spaces and a beautiful lake. And thanks to these wonderful, kind people it is now looking its best again!

What kindness have you seen in your local community recently? Let me know in the comments or message me and I’ll share your story to make other people smile.