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Community kindness for dementia

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Do you look for opportunities to be kind as you go about your day?

Karen shared a beautiful story of everyday kindness that her friend posted on Facebook with me.

“My mum suffers from dementia and the other day she went to Lidl and couldn’t find her purse.

She left the items she wanted to buy at the till while she went to find her purse that she thought she had left in another shop.

After she came out of Lidl, a young lady came out after her with the items she had left behind and she had paid for them for her. Mum didn’t know the young lady and offered to pay her back once she had found her purse but the young lady refused and just wanted to help.

I am so thankful that there are people like this in our communities whoever you were, you deserve a medal.”

Amazingly, Karen tells us that Russell “discovered who the young lady was later as she was serving in the café mum and I went to for Lunch. Needless to say, a large tip was left as a thank you!”