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These practical #toptips to improve communication and kindness in your organisation have been provided by Sarah Browning and other experienced experts.

Exercising your kindness muscle

It can be all too easy to fall into the habit of only noticing the negative, but you can build up your kindness muscle instead.

A wall with graffiti of a face and the words what now

You’ve got a comms strategy – now what?

I recently spoke at both the NHS Charities Together conference and the LUPC-SUPC procurement conference about how to build a comms strategy. I also spend a lot of time supporting clients to write their comms strategies. For me, that strategic approach to communicating with your audiences and sharing your messages is vital. Most communications people

A pale pink background with a blue question mark at the right-hand side of the image

10 questions for building a communication strategy

‘How do I build a communication strategy or plan?’ remains one of the most common questions I get asked. I find it reassuring because it demonstrates a recognition that a strategic approach is going to be better than an ad hoc one for reaching audiences with messages of kindness. This week I am running a

A family of swans swims across the beautiful lake that Sarah sometimes uses for walking meetings

How to ace walking meetings

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. The theme this year is loneliness and the Mental Health Foundation are encouraging people to build meaningful connections. One way to encourage connection building is to get out for a walk together. I love taking a walk round the beautiful lake in this photo, often

A road sign with the word right and a right-pointing arrow and wrong with a left-pointing arrow

Are you getting communication right?

“How do I make sure that people read my newsletter?”“How do I make people look at my website?”“How do I make sure that people listen to me?” These are questions which I regularly hear from my clients. And I usually have to answer with another question – how sure are you that you need a

2 wooden model figures each holding a jigsaw piece and connecting them together to collaborate

How to collaborate

Many organisations are currently looking at their post-pandemic ways of working. One element of success will undoubtedly be how well teams and individuals can collaborate. In this blog I write about the time when I helped my daughter to refresh the posters on her bedroom wall and what that taught me about working together. For

A person stands with arms outstretched in front of a moody night sky and a lit up heart shape of authenticity and self-compassion

Authenticity in communication

Many years ago the large charity I worked for was launching a particular employee initiative. I wanted to contact other organisations who had done something similar. My plan was to ask for their advice and learning about the communications. I was in a junior role and felt inexperienced, so I asked a more senior colleague

a pair of hands and tattooed forearms using social media on a mobile phone

What if… we create cycles of kindness on social media

This month I welcome social media guide, Alexis Bushnell, to the blog. She shares some wonderful insight into the power we all have to create feeds that will breed kindness and make us smile. What if I told you that you have more power to control what happens on social media than Mark Zuckerberg? I

A chalkboard that reads Welcome, please come in

Who’s in the room?

A few weeks ago I finally got round to watching the Channel 4 drama, It’s a Sin. It depicts the lives of a group of friends living in London in the 1980s as the HIV/AIDS crisis developed and impacted them directly. As you might expect from a series written by Russell T Davies, it was

Chimps at Monkey World

What makes a good story?

I’ve just spent half an hour watching a Facebook live video of the bachelor chimp group at Monkey World in Dorset. I couldn’t tear myself away! And although this morning’s session wasn’t billed as a story, it strikes me that actually the team at Monkey World do a fantastic job of story-telling. Across their social