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Time to Talk Day 2022

Choose kindness

Here’s 5 simple kindnesses you can do this #TimeToTalkDay, or any day.

1) Make someone a cuppa and just sit with them – don’t push them to talk.

2) Tell someone that you have the time and capacity to support them.

Often when we say “I’m here if you need me,” others don’t reach out in case you were saying it out of politeness or for worry you have your own problems. Clearly stating that you are physically and emotionally available can help to counteract that.

3) Take some homecooked food round to someone who’s struggling.

Having some nutritional food in, especially if it’s something they can quickly microwave from the fridge or freezer, can make a huge difference when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

4) Share your own struggles with someone or post about them online – only if you feel comfortable doing so.

The #PostYourPill movement is helping to destigmatise taking medication for mental illness.

5) Ask for support yourself.

It can be tempting to focus on other people but showing ourselves kindness by noticing when we need support ourselves is so important.

What are you doing for Time to Talk day?