A group of primary education aged children standing in a circle and holding up a rainbow coloured parachute

What if…. kindness is made a priority in primary education?

This month we hear from Anna Clark, Head of a junior school, about what happens when primary schools prioritise kindness. She shares how it benefits the children and the whole community. In 2020, the world as we know it changed. Up to this point, the key focus in primary education had very much been ensuring […]

A selfie photo of a smiling family of grandma, mum, dad and 2 kids holding up leaflets for their karate club

Karate delivery

These lovely people gave up an afternoon of their school holidays to deliver leaflets for their karate club 😊 They love their classes with @kazoku_karatedo and wanted to help promote the new classes starting this month. 2 parts of kindness here:❤ wanting to help out their sensei❤ wanting other people to have the opportunity to try out […]

A hand-drawn condolence card of 2 guinea pigs

What if… we help others going through tough times

This month I’m pleased to share with you a new guest blogger, Nicolette Evans. In this moving blog, she talks about her family’s grief at losing a much-loved pet and the kindness that helped them at a difficult time. Recently one of our guinea pigs had to be put down. It was a heart-breaking decision […]

A photo of a Smarties-covered cake with the words please save his special day laid over the top

Save his special day

Kindness that made a little boy smile (& may have brought a few tears to my eye 😉) This message appeared on a local FB group this morning: “Does anybody happen to have a Skylanders Imaginators portal for Xbox 360 that we could either borrow or you no longer use please? We bought the game […]

A photo of the words polling station stuck on a window

Polling station

It’s local election day here in the UK and I’ve just been to cast my vote. It strikes me that there is plenty of kindness involved. Most obvious is the kindness of the volunteers who run the polling stations. Without them giving up their time it wouldn’t be possible to have elections at all. And […]

person on a phone call

Life with MS

I heard a great story of unexpected kindness from a fellow small business owner I was chatting to yesterday. His wife has MS and he was trying to get hold of a particular consumable product that helps her manage her condition. Unfortunately there are currently some issues with it being manufactured. This product makes a […]

Group of volunteers preparing vegetables in a large kitchen

What if we believe ordinary people have the power to do extraordinary things

During 2021 I’m sharing stories of kindness. Speaking up about the things that people do to help others and make their day better. Each month I’m going to publish a ‘What If…’ blog to inspire us all to think about how we already make the world a kinder place and ideas for things we could […]