A magenta square with the Time for Kindness logo in the corner and the quote "Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being"

The power we all hold

“Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being.” This quote came from Tessa Hull from Messy and Successy at the Online Business Summit organised by online business coach, Lizzy Goddard. Hearing Tess say it in her presentation really made my day. Because I think it too! That’s exactly why I started Time for […]

a blue car driving away along a winding road with the words thank you written below

Thanks for the lift!

My friend gave me a lift home from a night out this week. As a non-driver I’m used to getting to and from the places I need to be by walking, cycling and public transport. It’s my choice not to drive and I’m happy with the alternative travel options I have (most of the time […]