A hand-drawn condolence card of 2 guinea pigs

What if… we help others going through tough times

This month I’m pleased to share with you a new guest blogger, Nicolette Evans. In this moving blog, she talks about her family’s grief at losing a much-loved pet and the kindness that helped them at a difficult time. Recently one of our guinea pigs had to be put down. It was a heart-breaking decision […]

A brown and white guinea pig sitting on grass and looking towards the camera

Thoughtful vet

Another guinea pig related story, this time about the vet! My friend sent me this message about the kindness of vets and the difficult job they have to do. “Sadly we had to have one of our guinea pigs put to sleep after half-term. It was very upsetting for my older daughter as it was […]

a ginger guinea pig sitting in a cardboard tube


Pet-sitting is a way to show kindness to others. This week we are looking after our niece’s guinea pigs while she is on holiday. Cookie (ginger) and Oreo (the black and white one) are living in their hutch in our garden for a week. We don’t have pets of our own anymore, having lost our […]