A magenta square with the Time for Kindness logo in the corner and the quote "Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being"

The power we all hold

“Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being.” This quote came from Tessa Hull from Messy and Successy at the Online Business Summit organised by online business coach, Lizzy Goddard. Hearing Tess say it in her presentation really made my day. Because I think it too! That’s exactly why I started Time for […]

cardboard boxes half-packed with kitchen bits and bobs

Boxes buddy

We are lucky enough to be having a new kitchen fitted, with the build starting later this week. So we need to empty out all the ‘stuff’ from the current cabinets and box it up to store out of the way. Even allowing for a long overdue declutter, we need quite a few boxes. So […]

a hand holding some blue plastic strips in front of a corner shop window

Helping our local shopkeeper

Kindness can be a really small, easy thing for you that makes a big difference to someone else’s life. My husband, Tris, recently got talking to Sam, the guy who works in our local corner shop, about having to wear a face mask all day. He said he gets really sore ears. Tris works for […]