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acts of kindness

A collection of posts that show how kindness is an active pursuit. These positive stories cover a wide range of acts of kindness to others that people have taken.

A beautiful large lake viewed through long grass, surrounded by lush green trees. The sky above is light blue with fluffy white clouds.]

Country park kindness

While sitting on a large balcony overlooking a lake in the sunshine and drinking coffee at a café at Dinton Pastures Country Park with friends, my friend, Mike, suddenly leapt up and dashed across the terrace. He had spotted an elderly couple making their way down the stairs to the ground floor, both with walking […]

a female presenting person laying peacefully on a lawn, rays of sun shining down on her.

Garden meditation day

If you don’t get on with meditation, try mindfulness – the simple act of paying attention to right now. In your garden or a public green space is great place to start because there’s so much to pay attention to; wildlife, flowers, trees, maybe other people, and you get the benefits of being out in

Text reads "5 ways to be kind to yourself."

5 ways to be kind to yourself

Kindness to self is often forgotten about so here’s 5 ways you can start being kind to yourself right now. Share your own tips in the comments. 1) Learn about YOUR body. Knowing how your body (and brain) work and what quirks you have can help you notice problems sooner and find more effective ways

A dimly lit photo of a teddy being held by a child as they sit on a table.

Hospice kindness at St Luke’s

Another story from St Luke’s Hospice, where nurses helped a young father record voice messages in teddy bears so his three little girls could still hear their daddy’s voice after he died. Thank you to Paola for sharing this and I totally agree with you, “Kindness counts!”

3 hands with different skin colours on top of each other surrounded by blue and yellow flowers. Above them is a heart in blue and yellow.

Kind communities – Reading

Communities supporting those in need is so beautiful – this story moved me so much from an anonymous kindness champion. “I was on a call today at work and was truly overwhelmed with Reading Council and our partners and the way they are responding to offering homes for Ukrainians coming to this area. So much

Close up of a horse's face. It is light brown with a white stripe down the nose, the brown on one side glistens in the sunlight.

Recognising what’s important

For many, pets are family, so when a stable transported a patient’s beloved horse to St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth, so the owner could see him one last time it truly was an act of kindness. Thank you to Paola for sharing such a touching story with me.

A woman with long hair wearing loose blue nurse's scrubs holds out a pink stethoscope shaped into a heart.

The kindness of NHS nurses

A friend of mine shared a story after a fairly minor procedure on their ear at Rotherham hospital. “It went fine but it made me really dizzy so I wasn’t able to get off the bed for a while. I was the last patient of the day and by the time I was fit to

A group of primary education aged children standing in a circle and holding up a rainbow coloured parachute

Acceptance is kindness

Listening to and honouring what someone says about themselves is a kindness we can all practice. Simple things like: Using someone’s name and pronouns. Saying “”she’s a woman” rather than “she identifies as a woman” – this is one I didn’t know until I saw a video from @thejeffreymarsh recently. Accepting someone’s sexuality when they

Close up of a medium dark skinned woman with natural hair wearing a suit and large round glasses holding a phone to her ear. Her expression neutral.

Freelancing because of kindness

“When I left my employment I was a complete mess, stressed, depressed, burnt out, peri-menopausal, bullied, jobless… basically rock bottom. I rang an old colleague just for a chat and a bit of wise advice, and she offered me some freelance work, then put me in touch with someone who offered me more freelance work

Nikki pulls her book, Volta, off a bookshelf in a shop.

Sharing the joy of writing

Nikki Dudley often gives away a few free spots on Mum Write workshops for mums on low incomes or from underrepresented backgrounds. Her mission is to reach as many mums as possible and encourage people of all backgrounds to write more! This a great example of embedding kindness into your business from mission statement to